A Historical Journey of Cybercrimes

It’s 2022 and cybercrime occurs regularly. It affects our personal and professional lives, and we are constantly aware of its presence. While this category of crime mutates daily, society and the law struggle to keep up with its’ developments.

But when did cybercrime begin? Did it begin with the creation of the computer? The internet? The modern cell phone? Or, have laws been developing over longer periods of time to respond to ongoing crimes?

This lecture will discuss the evolution of cybercrimes and how society developed to manage these new technologies and the nefarious uses of it. The presentation will take the audience on a journey through history’s most well-known cybercrimes. It will discuss the first known cybercrime and how it was accomplished, continuing through the early 20th century and codebreaking during the Second World War and concluding with the Accenture LockBit hack.

Attendees will gain an appreciation for the advancement and innovation of crime and the consequent laws. After the lecture, the purpose and methodology of the cybercrime legal system and the legal gaps will be understood.

Our Speakers

Benny Forer

Deputy District Attorney/Professor


Session Date/Time:
2023-09-15 15:50:00
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