Security Convergence Panel: The Converged Future of Physical Security

If the cybersecurity industry was ‘The Jetsons’, the physical security industry is ‘The Flintstones’. The world of physical security is slowly waking up to a simple reality: the convergence of cyber and physical is happening. Traditional approaches and thought processes in physical security have been architected to defend brick and mortar businesses. Today, we work […]

Security Convergence Fireside Chat w/ John McClurg

We live in exponential times. In our generational lifetime, we have seen innovations such as the internet and smartphones transform and enable business in ways never seen before. As part of the modernization transformation, we have had to grapple with the digital shifts in technology we never had to deal with previously, and inheriting the […]

What happens when 911 gets Hacked?

911 emergency call delivery systems are currently transforming to a next generation of call delivery technology known as Next Generation 911 (NG911). 911 emergency call systems have typically been protected from cyber-attack because 911 calls were delivered through a traditional telephone company landline system a/k/a ‘Legacy 911’ which relies on dedicated circuits and analog data […]

The Anatomy of Common Ransomware Attacks

This session will start with a brief overview of ransomware attacks and trends to set the stage. Subsequently we will dive into specific ransom attack life cycle components as they play out in real incidents. To close the session, we will be covering some core defenses to help better fend off ransomware attacks. Lessons Learned: […]

Why Companies Fail PCI DSS Assessments

Having performed hundreds of PCI DSS assessments as a PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) and signed just as many Attestation of Compliance (AOCs), we have identified common reasons why companies fail PCI DSS assessments. Some are technical in nature but a significant number of them is the ever-present question on scope. All of these have […]

Framework for Assessing IoT Security Platforms

Whether it is from the Board of Directors, Risk and Compliance Officers, or CISOs, many physical security teams are being “tapped on the shoulder” to take on more responsibility for cybersecurity of their systems.  This stems from IoT systems (like physical security) that are managed outside of IT by lines of business being identified as […]

After Action Report: Failure to Secure Your Virtual Presence

By using real life cases and investigations, this presentation will demonstrate how carelessness in securing one’s presence in the virtual world, both personal and professional, can have an impact far beyond the loss of data and minor inconvenieces.