Red Flags Reimagined; The Evolution of Insider Threat

Employees are choosing permanent remote work, the ‘great resignation’ is overwhelming offboarding resources, nation states and criminal groups are getting bolder at recruiting employees to steal and ransom data, and COVID and political divisions are increasing employee stress, distraction, and disenfranchisement. To borrow from the cybersecurity ‘CIA Triad’ model, the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of […]

The Case for CMMC as a Unified Cybersecurity Standard

Cybersecurity standards have multiplied over the past two decades. FedRAMP, RMF, 800-171, and many others have complicated the lives of security professionals and made compliance a very expensive and highly stressful job. In this presentation, we’ll explore the relationship between the major standards, and the pros and cons of working towards a universal standard based […]

Security Convergence Panel: The Converged Future of Physical Security

If the cybersecurity industry was ‘The Jetsons’, the physical security industry is ‘The Flintstones’. The world of physical security is slowly waking up to a simple reality: the convergence of cyber and physical is happening. Traditional approaches and thought processes in physical security have been architected to defend brick and mortar businesses. Today, we work […]

What happens when 911 gets Hacked?

911 emergency call delivery systems are currently transforming to a next generation of call delivery technology known as Next Generation 911 (NG911). 911 emergency call systems have typically been protected from cyber-attack because 911 calls were delivered through a traditional telephone company landline system a/k/a ‘Legacy 911’ which relies on dedicated circuits and analog data […]

Take Control of Your Controls

Controls are implemented to address vulnerabilities and manage risk.  If your organization has key IT controls documented, monitored, tested in an enterprise GRC tool, and clear auditor evidence, this presentation is not for you.  A discussion on how to determine key controls, when to get those controls into a GRC, what makes great evidence for […]

Patch Overload: How to Manage the Deluge of Vulnerabilities

Over the past two years, the cybersecurity threat landscape has changed dramatically. COVID, ransomware, supply chain vulnerabilities, and the threat of hybrid war have caused organizations to put their Shield Up and prioritize the growing volume of cybersecurity work. Last year alone we saw more than 20,000 vulnerabilities disclosed. That’s an average of more than […]