Red Flags Reimagined; The Evolution of Insider Threat

Employees are choosing permanent remote work, the ‘great resignation’ is overwhelming offboarding resources, nation states and criminal groups are getting bolder at recruiting employees to steal and ransom data, and COVID and political divisions are increasing employee stress, distraction, and disenfranchisement. To borrow from the cybersecurity ‘CIA Triad’ model, the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of […]

The Anatomy of Common Ransomware Attacks

This session will start with a brief overview of ransomware attacks and trends to set the stage. Subsequently we will dive into specific ransom attack life cycle components as they play out in real incidents. To close the session, we will be covering some core defenses to help better fend off ransomware attacks. Lessons Learned: […]

Has Detect & Respond Failed Us?

Companies using detect and respond as a security strategy are getting hacked at an increasingly alarming rate. We have more cybersecurity companies and products on the market than ever. So why are the numbers of successful attacks increasing and not decreasing? Why are the four key paths leading to compromise: Credentials, Phishing, Exploiting vulnerabilities, and […]