Tim Wenzel

Tim Wenzel

Associate Managing Director of Enterprise Security Risk Management, Kroll

Tim Wenzel, Associate Managing Director of Enterprise Security Risk Management at Kroll and the Creator of The Kindness Games, is a global security executive, public speaker and thought leader in the security, leadership, and wellness industries. Tim is a highly regarded Coach & Mentor. He has a passion to help transform the existing paradigms of leadership and risk management while building highly effective teams and joyful environments for them to thrive within.

In 2022, Tim was named a Global Influencer & Thought Leader in the Security Industry by IFSEC International and is leadership columnist with the Security Journal Americas magazine. He is a sought-after SME in Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), and he helped lead the effort to codify it as the official risk doctrine within ASIS International as the Outreach & Education Lead on the 2018 ESRM Steering Committee.

He is noted in business for his problem-solving skills, which stem from his background in healthcare. By properly identifying the root causes of risk, Tim and his teams create a bridge between opportunity and risk for businesses.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) - 2025 and Beyond September 15, 2023
11:00 am - 11:50 am

C-Sweet Conversations: 2023 SIA Trends

In the speaker panel titled "C-Sweet Conversations: 2023 SIA Trends," industry experts delve into two essential aspects of leadership: the magic of storytelling in technology transformation and the transformative power of kindness. Experienced leaders share their insights on how effective storytelling can drive technological advancements within organizations, inspiring teams and fostering a culture of innovation.

Moreover, the panel will feature a live demonstration where the top findings of SIA's trends will be spun into engaging "Suite-Conversations," showcasing the practical application of storytelling techniques in leveraging SIA's data-driven insights.

Additionally, the panel emphasizes the significance of kindness in leadership, highlighting its role in building strong relationships, boosting employee morale, and contributing to long-term business success.

2:45 pm - 3:35 pm

Leading Influential Conversations

How many times have you had the best data, clear real-world examples, yet your pitch to decision makers - maybe even the C-suite lands flat. They didn't understand, didn't see the ROI, they weren't moved by your presentation?

This is very common for leaders of all types in the Security & Risk industries. We often have a message that is unpopular, not inspiring. Tim Wenzel will describe what thought leadership is and how to engage influentially within your organization. He will discuss the importance of combining your presence, your brand, and your story to lead executives and other stakeholders down a logical thought path and bring them to a well informed decision point, so the business can effectively decide how to manage its risk.