Lee Oughton

Lee Oughton

Chief Customer Officer, Special Projects and Services Ltd

A Board Member and recognized positive, proactive and dynamic C Suite Executive with a highly successful International career within security and risk management; working extensively within corporate and high risk environments. A champion strategist; building programs, formulating policies and procedures designed to minimize exposure to risks, threats, vulnerabilities & associated consequences to enterprises. Proven & successful experience, in the lifecycle management of projects; ranging from building company security infrastructure, to vendor management. Utilizing strong skills in communication and negotiation to influence high level decisions and to build strategic relationships with executives, key decision makers, customers, service providers and law enforcement agencies.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) - 2025 and Beyond September 15, 2023
11:00 am - 11:50 am

C-Sweet Conversations: 2023 SIA Trends

In the speaker panel titled "C-Sweet Conversations: 2023 SIA Trends," industry experts delve into two essential aspects of leadership: the magic of storytelling in technology transformation and the transformative power of kindness. Experienced leaders share their insights on how effective storytelling can drive technological advancements within organizations, inspiring teams and fostering a culture of innovation.

Moreover, the panel will feature a live demonstration where the top findings of SIA's trends will be spun into engaging "Suite-Conversations," showcasing the practical application of storytelling techniques in leveraging SIA's data-driven insights.

Additionally, the panel emphasizes the significance of kindness in leadership, highlighting its role in building strong relationships, boosting employee morale, and contributing to long-term business success.