Security Convergence Fireside Chat w/ John McClurg

We live in exponential times. In our generational lifetime, we have seen innovations such as the internet and smartphones transform and enable business in ways never seen before. As part of the modernization transformation, we have had to grapple with the digital shifts in technology we never had to deal with previously, and inheriting the […]

What happens when 911 gets Hacked?

911 emergency call delivery systems are currently transforming to a next generation of call delivery technology known as Next Generation 911 (NG911). 911 emergency call systems have typically been protected from cyber-attack because 911 calls were delivered through a traditional telephone company landline system a/k/a ‘Legacy 911’ which relies on dedicated circuits and analog data […]

After Action Report: Failure to Secure Your Virtual Presence

By using real life cases and investigations, this presentation will demonstrate how carelessness in securing one’s presence in the virtual world, both personal and professional, can have an impact far beyond the loss of data and minor inconvenieces.