Security Convergence Panel: The Converged Future of Physical Security

If the cybersecurity industry was ‘The Jetsons’, the physical security industry is ‘The Flintstones’.

The world of physical security is slowly waking up to a simple reality: the convergence of cyber and physical is happening. Traditional approaches and thought processes in physical security have been architected to defend brick and mortar businesses. Today, we work and live in glass homes and offices, connected by smartphones and internet of things, including internet enabled physical security systems. Those same approaches of protecting brick and mortar homes do not always work in the world of ‘work from smart homes’, smart offices, and ‘work from anywhere, any place, any time’.

In addition to protecting enterprises in this new world, convergence provides a plethora of other benefits such as better detection of cyber-physical threats, usage of advanced cybersecurity-like tools to modernize physical security, and combining complementary skill sets from both team. Come listen to Jason Veiock (Godaddy), Sam Joseph (, and Quang Trinh (Axis Communications) as they lead a panel discussion on The Converged Future of Physical Security. This panel will shine some sunlight on the state of physical industry now and where it can (and needs to) be with convergence.

Our Speakers

Sam Joseph

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Quang Trinh

Professional Services Manager

Axis Communications

Jason Veiock

Security, Risk & Resilience Leader

Session Date/Time:
2022-09-30 17:00:00
Platinum 3-4
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