Security Convergence Fireside Chat w/ John McClurg

We live in exponential times. In our generational lifetime, we have seen innovations such as the internet and smartphones transform and enable business in ways never seen before. As part of the modernization transformation, we have had to grapple with the digital shifts in technology we never had to deal with previously, and inheriting the risks that have come with digital transformation. In that time, we have come to embrace technology and continue to look for ways on how technology can improve our lives in healthcare, public safety, entertainment, transportation, logistics and more.

In the process of digital transformation, private sector and local/state public sector organizations have inherited security and safety domains previously isolated and exclusive to specific bodies. Security professionals now have to address:

  • National security risks (North Korea and Sony Motion Pictures)
  • Physical security (Weak physical IT systems connecting to IT networks)
  • Public safety risks (Cyber threats rippling into physical and operational security)

Join BlackBerry’s Chief Information Security Officer John McMclurg as he takes us down a historical view of security convergence, the current state of security convergence, and the future of security convergence in continuing to transform and present challenges to businesses.

Our Speakers

John E. McClurg

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer


Session Date/Time:
2022-09-29 17:00:00
Platinum 3-4
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