Framework for Assessing IoT Security Platforms

Whether it is from the Board of Directors, Risk and Compliance Officers, or CISOs, many physical security teams are being “tapped on the shoulder” to take on more responsibility for cybersecurity of their systems.  This stems from IoT systems (like physical security) that are managed outside of IT by lines of business being identified as a primary method for organizations being breached.  Not only is this a new responsibility for many lines of business, but also one that requires new types of coordination with other parts of the organization.

This presentation details a framework for how IoT security platforms can be assessed against the organization’s overall goals and existing infrastructure, and how that can be used in working across multiple lines of business to reduce the IoT attack surface.  Key areas within this assessment framework include:

  • IoT system mission
  • Enterprise integration
  • Vendor risk to the organization
  • Compliance/audit
  • Ecosystem integration

Attendees will come away with both a framework for how to assess IoT security solutions and a roadmap for how other parts of the organization are connected to this effort.

Our Speakers

John Gallagher

Vice President

Viakoo, Inc.

Session Date/Time:
2022-09-30 11:00:00
Grand Ballroom F
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