Converge to Digital Trust

Individual practices of physical security, cybersecurity, assurance/compliance, risk management, governance and quality need to converge. In our digital ecosystem, as organizations undergo their digital transformation, these practices need to converge to provide digital trust. Trust is fundamental to value creation and business growth in our digital world. Every interaction must reinforce that the organization cares about—and has instituted effective practices in—all areas of digital trust. When trust is present, consumers and business are more likely to engage, which speeds up innovation, economic expansion, and ultimately the creation of value. In this presentation, ISACA Board Chair Pam Nigro will share how ISACA is converging these practices and pursuing digital trust, including results from the 2022 State of Digital Trust research, the seven key steps to build and maintain digital trust, and how ISACA members can accelerate and champion trust within their organizations.

Our Speakers

Pamela Nigro

Global Chair


Session Date/Time:
2022-09-30 11:00:00
Platinum 1-2
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